What Kind of Expert Options You Can Hope for in Betting Now

You can disagree with the experts’ guesses, this is more than natural. Even in these cases, evaluating their opinion is important – after all, you can weigh factors that you did not take into account when making your guess.

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Understand The Most Used Terms In The Betting Universe

We have already explained what the term “odds” means, but that is not the only word that you will start to use when you decide to dive into the world of sports betting. The glossary of the most commonly used terms on betting sites has many words that you may never have used. Soon, however, it is quite possible that they will be part of your guessing routine.

A good example of this is the term handicap

It is used in bets where positive or negative margins are added in order to balance the odds. In practice, it works like this: the bookmaker defines a minimum amount of goals for the winning team, as if the underdog has already started the game with the score in their favor, while the favorite starts at a disadvantage. For the guess to be considered a winner, the final score must be favorable even after the goals of the handicap are discounted.

  • There are also terms regarding the bookmakers’ operation. The bonus , for example, is the amount offered by bookmakers to encourage the user to test the site and explore different guessing options. It is usually calculated based on the amount of the first deposit you make when you register. Many bookmakers continue to offer additional bonuses to frequent users.
  • Another term that you need to know to understand how betting sites work is rollover . This is because your bonus cannot be withdrawn as if it were cash, at your disposal to do what you want. The amount given by the bookmaker to encourage the user to start playing is linked to certain rules, and the rollover refers to the minimum number of guesses you need to make before you can withdraw the money obtained with bonus bets.

And juice , do you know what it is? Well, this is the percentage that an internet bookmaker receives for each bet that is placed on its website. That margin is what keeps betting sites up and running. It usually varies between 5% and 10%.

The Best Championships For You To Make Your Guess

The best bookmakers on the internet offer the possibility to place your chips in all national and international football leagues and championships . That’s right: if you prefer to make your guess in a regional competition (Nordestan, for example) or in a lower division (such as Series B, C and D), the most complete betting sites offer what you are looking for .