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Is it possible to make money with football bets? First of all, betting on soccer games is mostly a matter of luck. But there is a certain amount of tactical leeway and with the necessary soccer betting tips, the chances of winning are definitely better. This is demonstrated by the fact that there are experts who make a living following sports betting advice.

So we compiled a list of tips and tricks for sports and football betting and we provide you with a top here:

Looking for the best sports betting tips for today or the next game?

Then you have landed on the correct page. Our team is made up of experts in sports betting predictions and pools. We analyze hundreds of soccer bets each day to find value bets. We do our research and recommend the best tips.

Do not make sports bets without prior analysis

When we publish betting tips for situs judi slot online, we do so based on analysis. An expert would never make sports bets without deep analysis, because analysis supports trends. How is this analysis produced? The analysis is an objective observation of football. Individual club matches are watched for months. This allows strategies and patterns to emerge, and each team’s strengths and weaknesses to be assessed. Of course, it is never possible to predict the full course of the game. But by looking at the strengths and weaknesses and the interaction of individual teams and players, it is possible to make fairly reliable predictions about which team is stronger. Our advice for you: analyze the games, filter the strategies and know the teams well.

Ideally, each bet should be preceded by an accurate analysis of the match, otherwise you will get nowhere with sports betting. When calculating the probability of an outcome, it is best to include as much information as possible. Study the statistics and ask yourself the following important questions:

Are there injured players?

Will injured players be replaced or will they play despite the injury?

If the latter is the case, what exactly is the injury? (A broken rib has a different effect than a lower leg tendon injury.)

  • Are there suspended starting players?
  • How relevant were the players suspended in the last games?

Think about the weather during the meeting

Have you ever played soccer? Can you imagine that the weather makes a difference? A wet lawn in the mist feels different underfoot than a sun-dried grass. For today’s professional footballers, the weather is also important in terms of temperature, humidity, wind and solar radiation. Above a certain humidity and temperature, performance drops dramatically for many people successful soccer players are people too. So the weather is important when it comes to betting in addition to the weather, the lighting conditions. Today, you can become a gambling pro if you include these little things in your analysis.

Statistics, lineups, numbers – sports betting based on numbers

Successful sports betting have little to do with chance. They are based on knowledge. The best bet is always the one that has caused the most headaches. Sure bets can only be made with lots of calculations and analysis.

Safe sports betting

Sure bets are sports bets that guarantee a profit regardless of the outcome of the bet. Sure bets are the result of complex mathematical analysis and calculations. However, to validate the security of the bets, it is not necessary to compare the results of the game, but the odds of the largest possible number of bookmakers. This is useful and can guarantee a safe bet in lieu of your own calculations.