Looking For Luminous Ink Contact Lenses And Sunglasses For Marked Cards?

Luminous ink contact lenses are a perfect solution for marked cards. Such lenses are used to dominating the gambling industry. Through these lenses, players can easily detect any marking on the cards.

It is as easy putting the regular contact lenses. Numerous websites offer superior quality of luminous ink contact lenses. These lenses are a direct result of the latest technology. It is available for different eye colors. They are very thin and offer immense comfort. These lenses are so designed that it doesn’t hamper the eyes of the individuals wearing it.

Gamblers prefer buying luminous ink contact lenses because they might get asked to open their sunglasses. However, both are in much demand because of their immense satisfying features.

About Sunglasses, which help in the practical reading of Marked Cards.

Sunglasses also play a significant role in ascertaining the markings on the back of the cards. Through regular sunglasses, one cannot view the trademarks. Marked playing card sunglasses are available in the market.

Such sunglasses, according to size, preferences, color is readily available in the market. Such sunglasses are preferred by those people who fear wearing contact lenses. They think that it might affect their eyes and may cause infections. Such a thought is quite normal.


It is mandatory to store the glasses as well as the lenses in an appropriate manner.

Improper storage of these lenses and glasses may worsen the visibility.


Luminous ink contact lenses for marked cards vary according to their power, shape, size, color, and so on. Such special sunglasses can cost the buyers around $5-$35. Sometimes, it can be even higher.

How to buy luminous ink contact lenses and sunglasses? 

Suppose the buyer is preparing to buy it online. Then, proper research about the website is necessary. It is recommended to go through the customer reviews regarding the lenses and the sunglasses. It is also recommended to choose a website that offers return policy services. Customers must be careful while buying the shade of the lenses.

Luminous Ink Contact lenses are best suited for the game of gambling.