Sports betting has plenty of followers across the world. Sportsbooks, such as, keep on improving to keep up with the competition. Cricket might not be as popular as other sports, such as football and basketball. Online sports betting is letting it catch up real fast when it comes to gaining an audience. More and more punters in various countries are placing cricket bets. There are many available and possible wagers you can make in this sport.

To win the match

This bet is the most straightforward in most sports. You only need to bet on which team will win the match. Cricket is a bit more intricate than most sports. It is best to check with your betting provider to learn how games get settled. Betting can become complicated if there is a possibility of a draw in test matches. It is usually part of possible results to bet on for most test matches. A tie in one day games will also affect betting. You will often get your money back when there is a tie.

Top team batsman

Making this wager means betting on the batsman to score the most runs in a match for one of the teams. Consider batsmen of both teams. Proven performers are usually the safest bets. A higher chance of winning means a lower odd. Many punters choose to bet on players with an outsider’s chance to get a bigger prize when winning. Dead-heat rules apply when two or more players end up having the same number of runs. Your expected winnings get divided by two in this case.

Top match batsman

Like the bet above, you will wager on the batsman to score the most runs in a match. The difference is that you will bet on who will score the highest total in the event and not only in his team.

First over total runs

A punter can bet on the total number of runs scored in the first over. The goal is to predict the total number of runs in the first over. There are two available options for this bet. Either bet that the total runs will be Over or Under the specified number provided.

Top team bowler

A punter betting on the top team bowler wagers on the number of wickets taken by a specific bowler. There are cases where two or more bowlers end up with the same number. The winner is the one with the least number of runs conceded. Dead-heat rules apply if the winner is still not settled. A lot of people choose bowlers with a proven history of taking wickets when making this bet.

Man of the match

As in most team sports, one gets chosen as the best performer and receives the Man of the Match award. This player is usually from the winning team, making the odds lower. There are instances when players from the losing side put in top-notch performances. They receive the award when that happens. Betting with these players offer higher odds.