What documents do online casinos require?


Proof of identity verifies who you are. Casinos require a government-issued photo ID. These include driving license, ID card or passport. A certificate from will confirm your place of residence and address. This must be an official letter with your name and current address. The certificate may not be more than three months old. The canlı casino require bills, bank receipts, credit card statements, insurance documents and other official letters for this. 

Gym membership bills and others are not acceptable letters. Proof of payment confirms to the casino that you will not use anyone else’s bank details. The document required depends on the method of payment. Credit / debit card: Take a picture of the front and back of the card showing all four corners of the card, the first six and the last four card numbers, and your signature. Cover the middle numbers with the CVC security code on the back of the card. 

Are my personal information safe?

Yes, all your personal information is safe. All casino platforms use advanced security protocols such as SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This means that the data is encrypted.

How long do deposits and withdrawals take?

Deposits are made almost immediately, depending on the method of money transfer. Withdrawals, the method of money transfer affects the time it takes to make payments. The actual money transfer can take from a few minutes to five business days / weekdays.

Can a casino withhold profits?

There is a risk of this. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you read the terms and conditions of the operator. The most common reason for denying profits is the use of false personal or other information when registering. In addition, the terms and conditions for using bonuses specifically mention abuse if, for example, a player has not complied with the following rules: 

1) IP Address – Bonuses are most often associated with a single household. If someone from the same IP address has already received a bonus, the next player at the same IP address may have trouble receiving this same bonus. 

2) Using VPN – This is used to change the IP address using VPN. If you play in a country where online casino gambling is prohibited, using a VPN violates the Terms of Use. Therefore, it is important to check if online gambling is legal in your country.

At an online casino you have glorious prizes, ranging from bonuses to jackpots, free spins, or points at VIP or loyalty clubs. It doesn’t matter which game you choose, it matters the winnings that are within your reach, and the chances that you have to profit by playing in a casino. However, for you to win in casino games, you need to know the chances of the game you are going to bet on, being well prepared for it, mastering tricks and strategies, and finally also accessing the best online casinos. In short, you have to be better prepared than other players, and then, of course, on your side the luck factor that will determine your success in a casino game.

Playing online casino games today means that you have a complete casino at your fingertips and literally in the palm of your hand! As with the bingo industry, the casino gaming industry has grown exponentially, thanks to a huge variety of games available , but also thanks to innovative software , which provides players with an incredible gaming experience.