Types of poker pkv games?! Let’s discuss here

Gamblers are usually familiar with the name pkv games poker game. Yes, this game is often played both in the real world and online. Poker is a family game that uses large cards played by 2 or more people with a maximum of 6 players. Now, what is shared is the type of online poker pkv game that is popular among gamblers today.

Most famous and desirable pkv poker games

Pkv poker is currently very much in demand by gamblers because of the type of game is easily played and won. So you can prepare tactics to play it. The following types of Indonesian poker pkv games are currently popular:

The game of poker is the original online gambling output from the pkv games qq server. As you know this poker consists of 4 big cards. The order of poker cards that you must know is the high card one pair, two pair, three of kind, straight, flush, full house, four of kind, straight flush, royal flush. This type of game is easy to play if you understand the card sequence just is mentioned. Use the early raise system if you already have a card of at least one pair or two pairs.


Sakong is also a poker game from pkv games where this type of games has been out of 2014 until now. This type of pocket card sequence utilizes the sequence from poker as it is explained above. The advantage of this game is that the poker jackpot can be up to 5 times the bet you place. The disadvantage is that you have to buy the jackpot every time you play

Capsa drawing

Capsa stacking is also a type of poker game that is no less famous than the sakong game that is explained above, guys. This game provides quite an attractive bonus like a jackpot. You will get the jackpot automatically when the order of cards you get is high enough from the other players. The cards will be dealt to you, just arrange the cards from lowest to highest.


Agile here is the last poker sequence from the pkv games site. You need to know that not all web pkv games have agile games. Unless the website is big and old, its existence is not in doubt. Agile can only be played on a pc and doesn’t support your smartphone because this game is still hot, aka it’s still new.