The worst hands in blackjack and how to make the best of them

Playing casino games is something that more and more people are getting into. Although physical casinos have always been around, the recent rise of mobile gaming and online casino play has taken the industry to new heights. The online casino sector for example now generates multi-billions in revenue per year!

But why do people like playing games so much? As well as the excitement and chance to win money, the range of casino classics to enjoy is a big factor. Slots are a perfect illustration of this and there are slot games in every theme imaginable now. Ancient Egypt is always popular with players looking to travel back to explore ancient times. If you enjoy this, why not check out the Book of Dead website today?

Next to slots, blackjack is a classic game people love to play. It is wise knowing more about it first though before diving in. As well as what the best hands to look out for are, you should also be aware of the worst. But what might these be and how can you make the most of them?

16 vs dealer 10

Holding a 16 when the dealer has a 10 is probably the worst hand you can get. That is because the dealer’s card means it is likely he will finish close to 20 when he draws his next one – thus beating you. To make the most of this hand, it is best to take another card. As you will probably be beaten anyway if you don’t, it is worth the risk.

15 vs dealer Ace

This is another poor hand to get when playing blackjack. 15 is also an awkward total to work from in this game – not low enough to make taking another card safe but not high enough to make standing advisable either. The presence of the Ace also adds extra complications to the equation, as it could count for 1 or 11. It is usually best to hit here and then hope the dealer does not get a blackjack and then goes bust.

13 or 14

13 or 14 as a starting hand is a rotten deal to get. So, how can you make the most of it? Most blackjack tips for players will adviseseeing what upcard the dealer has and then making your move. If he has something like a 4 or 5, then it is worth standing. This is because he may well get a higher second card and then draw a third to risk busting.

Bad hands in blackjack do not mean failure

Many people think that getting a poor hand in blackjack means they will automatically lose. While it can make it more likely, it is not a cert. As the above shows, if you don’t give up and make the best of what you have, you might well win out in the end.