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A tipster is a bettor specializing in a sport, a discipline, or even a championship in particular. Most (good) tipsters will do a lot of research on the games they want to bet on. Then, they will offer their forecasts, most often accompanied by an analysis, to their community. But it is not enough to judge the quality of a tipster. First, let’s discover together what are the criteria to analyze to determine if a tipster is reliable or not. Then we will see what the advantages of trusting one or more tipsters are.

The history of the balance sheet

The history of the balance sheet is the first of the things to analyze to judge the reliability of a tipster. The balance sheet of a tipster includes a whole series of statistics. The most important are:

ROI (Return on Investment): this data corresponds to the percentage of money collected (profits) according to the sums played (total bet). This is certainly one of the most important statistics when looking at the history of a tipster’s balance sheet. A good tipster must have a ROI greater than or equal to at least 5%. Below this figure, it will certainly be necessary to be more vigilant (if the ROI is higher than 0% of course). Again, the number of predictions made must be high for ROI to make sense.

The percentage of success: sometimes it can be interesting to dwell on this stat. This allows you to see if a tipster has a good success rate. For example, if you spot a tipster with 70% success, it means that it wins on average 7 times out of 10. Attention, this statistic is to be taken with tweezers because a tipster with 70% success may very well be in deficit and have a negative ROI. On the other hand, a tipster whose success rate is 30% can also have a good ROI. This is why you have to be wary and analyze the most important stats first. 

On the site, it is possible to have access to all these statistics. So you can already judge the quality of a tipster.

General stats

Then, it is possible to dig further to optimize your chances of success by following a tipster. For example, take a look at:

Sports bet: if a 먹튀사이트 tipster offers predictions on several sports, it is important to look at its stats according to the sports played. Take one by one the data previously seen (number of forecasts, ROI,% of success). For example, a tipster can have made 250 rugby predictions and have a ROI of 12%. On the other hand, for football, he posted only 120 predictions and his ROI was -2.5%. Conclusion, this tipster is much more reliable in rugby than in football.