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The two positions cover each other and my capital is secure. If the match ends with less than 2.5 Goals, we collect the profit of € 1 (€ 0.94 after commission). That’s where the magic of trading comes from. The example of the match between Haras El Hodood and Petrojet ended with More than 2.5 Goals, the bettors of the Less than 2.5 Goals therefore lost their bet while the trader that we am lost nothing.

Note that it would have been entirely possible to cash in a profit without waiting for the end of the match. In this case € 0.72 here with the Cash Out option. € 0.72 per minute represents € 43.20 per hour. Not bad as an hourly rate. In the 먹튀검증 site you will need the best choices now.

You could also have decided to stay in the market longer and place a Lay at a much lower odds to earn more. A good mastery of Back and Lay will allow you to minimize the exposure of your capital to the maximum to remain profitable

The Logic of Variations in Odds

How do the odds evolve?

The market is at the same time supported by the emotion of the traders, their way of interpreting the events of a match and the static probabilities according to the remaining playing time. Let’s observe the odds offered at half-time during the Sanfrecce Hiroshima and Shonan Bellmare match when we trade a football match.

How do you think his odds will change after the first goal?

  • Betfair Betting Exchange Hiroshima 1-0 Shonan

Hiroshima took the advantage. His odds went from at 2.1 at half time to at 1.2 after the first goal in the 66th minute. In contrast, Shonan’s odds of at 5.7 are now at 38. These rating changes make perfect sense and reflect the likelihood of the event.

By leading 1-0, 24 minutes from the end of regulation time, Hiroshima now has a good chance of winning the match, so his odds have dropped drastically. It is exactly this type of anticipation and movement that the soccer trader is looking for.

The time factor plays an essential role in the assessment of risk and probability. The odds change all the more strongly as we approach the end of the match.

A graphic example

Let’s observe this same phenomenon, but on the side of the odds graph on the Over / Under 2.5 Goals market.

Betfair Betting Exchange Chart Swing Trading Over

We can clearly see that from the start of the match until the first goal, the odds of Plus 2.5 Goals are increasing because of the time that elapses.