The Most Famous Athletes and Celebrities in Sports Betting

People from many walks of life enjoy sports betting as a hobby. When it comes to gambling, no matter how much money you’ve got or how much money you’ve got to lose, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. Even if you already have a lot of money, it appears that the excitement of winning enormous money is irresistible!

We’ve compiled a list of some of the world’s most famous gamblers, including some of the biggest names in Hollywood and sports. Which big stakes sports gamblers are willing to put their money where their mouth is?

Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

In and out of the ring, Floyd Mayweather (better known as “Money”) has a long history of success. His remarkable fighting record is matched by a fantastic gambling record, including a $45,000 victory when he placed a $50,000 wager on Colorado State. Tweeting about his seven-figure wagers and posting pictures of his betting slips is apparently a favorite pastime of his. Humble, huh? When you’re worth $400 million, this seems like a drop in the bucket. Checkout 토토사이트   for more details on this.

50 Cents

Hip-hop artist 50 Cent is no exception to this rule. When the Giants defeated the 49ers, he famously tweeted about a $500K victory. In order to put that much money on the line, how does someone like 50 Cent plan their strategy? Of course he pays attention to the voices he hears in his brain!

Michael Jordan 

However, Michael Jordan’s gambling record was not nearly as impressive as his on-court achievements. According to reports, Jordan was forced to retire from basketball early due to an inquiry into his gambling, despite a “no betting” rule in NBA contracts.

A $165,000 loss in an Atlantic City casino, and $1.25 million to a San Diego businessman in a game of golf, are just two of the millions of dollars that Chicago Bulls great Shaquille O’Neal has acknowledged to losing. There’s a good chance we’ll never know about all of the other losses. Michael, you should have stayed with the basketball!  

Charlie Sheen.

Perhaps Charlie isn’t the best example of what a good role model should look like. However, he is a wealthy guy. During his tenure on Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen earned an estimated $1.8 million each episode. Famous actor who is known for his occasional binges on alcohol and drugs is also thought to have a little gambling issue. When Denise Richards divorced him, she told him to stop spending so much money on bets. Rumors of a partnership with a sports betting website were also floating around. Maybe he’s not the ideal person to provide an endorsement…

Paul Hornung.

At the height of his career, Paul ‘The Golden Boy’ Hornburg was an American football player for the Green Bay Packers and a part of four World Champion squads (that included the first Super Bowl win). For wagering between $100 and $500 on NFL and NCAA sports, he was banned for the whole 1963 season. It was a pittance compared to the millions wagered now, but it was nevertheless frowned upon by the league.