The Games and the Online bets for You

In most cases, DDOS attacks only lead to delays, but sometimes they can have a big impact on the progress of the game. Cheating is also easier in online games, as no one is checking what a player has driven on their machine before starting the game while bots guarding the games will notice now of the scams, they will be further developed over time.

Your Choices for the best Games

LAN games and tournaments are therefore much Safer targets to bet on, as games are played offline and this prevents DDOS attacks. Cheating is also almost impossible because players usually use the machines of the tournament organizers and the players are in control all the time. You can also go for the w88 ดีไหม games as well.

Of course, errors also occur in LAN games

A good example is Counter-Strike player KQLY, who for many months managed to use a program that Assisted in aiming and during which time his organization won one major tournament. KQLY eventually admitted its cheating and was banned forever by eSports, and Valve tightened its rules on cheating.

Because of this, LAN games are perceived to be much safer betting destinations because the potential disadvantages are minimal.

Recent accomplishments & player changes

Sometimes teams have to get a so-called “stand-in” player for their games if their main members don’t get there, or are otherwise blocked. For example, Natu, a player of the Finnish 3dmax team, got married on ESL one Katowice 2015 Qualifying day, when she was replaced for a few games.

If, on the other hand, the team has performed very poorly recently, this may mean bad statements in the future as well, but there is no reason to draw conclusions that go too far.

Recent player changes can also greatly affect team performance, as a new player may not have adapted to their new team and its tactics.

Percentages and “throwaus”

CS: GO Lounge percentages aren’t usually worth tracking because a lot of people bet on pre-favorites without much background research. Sometimes there is also a very rare “throw-in” where the team / player loses the purpose of the game because he has bet on his team / himself. However, this is rare and may result in a game ban.

This has happened, for example, to Counter-Strike teams IBP and Epsilon , both of which received a one-year ban from playing. LAN tournaments don’t see such unsportsmanlike qualities, so that’s why LAN tournaments are a Safer option to bet on.

Will the Winner decide in one or more rounds?

Bo1, bo2, bo3 or bo5 means the best of one, two, three or five. This can have a big impact on the outcome of the game, as in bo1 games, under-respondent may surprise, while in bo3 games, the game is played in three games where the better team is usually on the neck. In Bo5 games, games tend to be calmer, as game sessions can be exhausting, especially in Dota 2 and Counter-Strike. This is true in both electronic sports and tennis.