The better Opportunities for the Video Poker

Video poker online may seem like a simple game of chance, but in reality, skill is also required. This is only a positive thing, as a player skilled in these devices will redeem the very highest returns in casinos! The working principle of video poker is very simple, as virtually every device works by giving the player five cards that make up a poker hand. The player is then allowed to exchange their cards once for new cards, leaving the final five-card poker hand.

For the Tables

The table of mroyun giriş poker hands and the payout are always on display, but in practice the payout is the most traditional. There is a royal flush at the top, slightly smaller wins are paid by a flush, from four to full flush, flush, and so on. Some games start paying out winnings on a big pair already. In special games, on the other hand, the biggest wins may be obtained with, for example, fives or four seconds.

What is the best video poker on the market?

The poker is guaranteed to be the most familiar and legendary form of video poker, while internationally Jacks or Better has become practically synonymous with video poker. At online casinos, a variety of video poker is plentiful, but what is the best video poker? We present the best known and best versions.

  • Jacks or Better, which can be considered the basic form of video poker, is most popular online. There is no unnecessary pause and the game plays video poker in the simplest possible form. Winning starts with a pair of jacks and this game is usually also known for its huge wins. Most casinos have a version of the game with a return of up to 99.54 percent at best.

Of course, the most popular video poker in Finland is Joker Poker, which may be known online as Joker Poker or Joker Wild. The game is no different from Jacks or Better, by the way, but the payout starts with two pairs and the deck of cards used in the game has one joker that replaces all other cards in the hand. Many find the game a more entertaining version, but the payback is usually a bit lower than in Jacks or Better. For example, the 97.95% offered by the NetEnt version is still a moderate return.


Among the most popular versions is also Deuces Wild, which is usually known in Finland as second poker. In this version, all runners-up act as jokers, resulting in plenty of winnings. However, the payout only starts at threes, meaning that two pairs, for example, do not bring any winnings to the player. The return online is usually in the middle ground between Jacks or Better and Joker Wild.