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The list of injured and suspended players is certainly one of the most important criteria in the eyes of bettors before placing money on a particular match. Do you want to have info on a specific team but you don’t know where to find it? In this article, we are going to mention 2 websites on which you will be able to collect this kind of information. Then, we will explain to you why it is essential to keep abreast of the injured and suspended. Finally, we will give you a concrete example so that you better understand the importance of this list. In case of 먹튀검증 site this is important.

Which sites to find the list of injured and suspended?

There are several interesting sites to obtain the list of injured or suspended as well as news on the teams. But only two of them caught our attention.

Injuries and Suspensions

The name of the site announces the color. “

It means “Injuries and Suspensions”.

On this site, you will therefore be able to find the list of injured and suspended for the biggest European championships (Premier League, Ligue 1, Bundesliga…) but also for the less media championships like the Veikkausliiga in Finland or the Super Lig in Turkey .

Simply select the championship you want and click on the list corresponding to the date of the matches on which you have chosen to bet.

Injured and suspended premier league

In this example (image above), we have selected the Premier League for the matches of August 13, 2019. Then we have obtained the list of matches and teams with possible injured and suspended players.

In addition, next to each player, you have numbers and a letter in general. The 1st number corresponds to the number of matches played by the player. The 2nd corresponds to the number of goals scored. And finally, the letter refers to the player’s position on the field (d = defender, m = mid, f = attacker and g = goalkeeper).

This site is really very good because it is updated regularly (at least 24 hours before each day).

However, we noted some negative points:

It is entirely in English but rest assured, there is nothing too complicated

Sometimes you can’t get injured / suspended for all games. For that, you have to register but it’s free

The site is only for football. For the other major sports, you have to look elsewhere. 


This site is also dedicated to bettors who wish to obtain important information on the teams before placing their bets.

On the betting Platform

You will find substantially the same information as on Injuries and Suspensions with 2-3 details. In the same way, you must first click on the championship which interests you then click on “Injuries” (top right) to obtain the list of all injured and suspended.