Predictions for The Current NBA Season


One of the most famous sports in the world is basketball. It is a very well-marketed and popularized sport which means people from all over the world either watch or play it. People involved in live betting Kenya enjoy the fast-paced games, the highlight reels, and the breathtaking dunks that make one spectacular show. However, with the coronavirus pandemic in full effect, the National Basketball Association or NBA had to postpone its season and wait for a better time.

That better time came on July the 30th of this year when teams and players were allowed to play again under the condition that they stay in the NBA’s bubble. Now, with the playoffs heating up and teams slowly starting to go down one by one, here are some predictions that may help you in your betting. First of all, if you are an avid basketball fan, you know that the western conference is very stacked. You have the two juggernaut teams from LA along with up and coming ones such as Denver and Houston. Experts predict that the Clippers will win the west this year with a 43% chance of probability.

On the other hand, experts have predicted that the Boston Celtics will best the Miami Heat in the conference finals and will go all the way to win the championship. If you want to know more about these predictions and odds, here’s an infographic by Chezacash, your source for sports betting in Kenya