Poker Cheats: The Cheap Playing Marked Cards

There are different types of playing cards today. When speaking about card games, you will have different brands of playing cards. There are cards made for children to have fun and are made for adults. One of the oldest and largest playing card manufacturers is based in the U.S. The company has been making playing cards until today. The company has been making playing cards, such as the popular cards Bicycle, Maverick, Beed cards, and more. With all these playing cards, a lot of casinos have been using them. So, you will see these playing cards present and used in the casinos.

Win poker easily

When the world has got these trending card games, such as poker, it continues to gain members. More and more players are enjoying the game until they look for easy ways for winning the poker. For the cheaters, instead of taking time to hone their gaming skills, they prefer to master their cheating skills. Some players learn to mark cards to help them win the game. It depends on the skill level of the player, marked cards can be unnoticeable or obvious. The marked cards contact lenses for sale are a cheap cheating device that you can buy. Many cheaters have learned to mark their cards while on the gameplay.

Alt: invisible ink marked cards for contact lenses          

Marking cards – cheaters’ secret

The cheaters’ card markings are just small changes at the back of the playing cards. The markings of the cards are done in three different ways:

  • Scratching
  • Changing the design of the card
  • Bending in the corner of the card

Marking the cards give a great advantage to the gameplay. Cheaters will mark all the high cards and other cards that they think crucial in the game. Shading is usually used by the cheaters as marking on the cards. It uses fine or luminous invisible ink to change the part of the cards’ design at the back. The markings are done precisely to be unnoticeable. Daubing is another method that the cheaters do in the playing card. A small dauber or ink is used. It is not visible to the eyes that require the player to use a contact lens to filter the card and see the marking. Corner crimping is another way to use the method. It marks the card that the player wants like moving it away from the other cards. With the use of thumb or pointer finger, it bends the corner of the card that serves as the marking to remember the card.

Many players are aware of poker cheating, but not in the form of a device. Some know about face reading, calculators, etc. These are the common cheating tools that the other players are aware of. Only a few know about the marked cards. Aside from these marked cards, some certain tools are included like invisible ink and contact lenses. Many magicians and poker players have been using these methods. All the viewers know that these magic tricks are real magic. For poker players, you are seen as a poker king, yet they don’t know that it is only cheating.