Online Casino Bonuses for Every Type of Player

If you’re constantly looking for casino games on various online sites, then you’ve probably noticed that every site has promotions to lure in more customers to bet on their site. As a bettor, we are always looking to maximize our winnings and there’s no other thing to help us with that except for promotions.

According to Mr. Ong, the CEO of WS88, a licensed site for online gambling in singapore, most promotions are the same and the unique ones that you usually see in betting sites are just renamed bonuses but they still have the same features as the common ones. But, regardless of your playing style, you’ll undoubtedly find a bonus that you’ll enjoy.

Welcome Bonus

This is one of the most common promotions that you see in most betting sites there are. But how does it really work? Welcome bonuses are promotions that casinos use for. Usually, it works by giving you a certain percentage back when you deposit in them for the first time. Some casinos give back 50% while some can even go as high as 500%. 

For example, let’s say you deposited $100. Depending on what the casino is offering as a welcome bonus (in this case, let’s say 100%), they’ll give you another $100 in your account. However, the most common mark up is 100% as anything more than that can be suspicious and that is not good for business.

Free Spins

This one is simple as the casino will give you an extra spin for you to try out a video slot or to keep you engaged in online gambling in singapore. This form of promotion is getting more and more popular among online casinos and it’s no wonder why since it’s a free spin that has a potential for you to win more money. It’s basically free money given to you by the casino. 

But of course, these free spins come with wagering requirements that are typically low so new players can avail them. And as mentioned earlier, you can also see this as a way to keep players playing on their website. Not only that, but free spins are also typically given away with the welcome bonus to lure in more players in their online casinos

Payment Method Bonus

This bonus is somewhat rare. As we all know, most online casinos have a plethora of depositing methods for their players to use. However, when an online casino is partnered with a particular payment company, they will give away bonuses so more people would sign up in that particular company and use them as a method to deposit their money with. 

This is normally given away for e-pay methods that are getting more popular these days. However, since people are more comfortable paying with their preferred method, this type of bonus can be hard to find.

High Roller Casino Bonus

Some casinos offer perks and incentives for people who spend a lot on online casinos. These players are known as VIPs, high rollers, or whales, and they are given a lot more than casual players. 

Of course, these bonuses are given depending on your activity in the casino, which means that the more you spend on online casinos, the bigger and better your incentives and perks will be. These bonuses can range from free money, tickets to sporting events, etc.


In general, all online casinos have promotional stuff that they constantly give people to entice them to play or keep playing. They give you more bang for your buck and can even improve your chances of winning. Whether you’re a new or returning player at an online casino, there’s always something to look forward to.