How to Win at Online Slots

Slot games are fun. There are literally thousands to choose from. Simply look at any of the best online casinos at sites such as and every one of those will offer an incredible selection of games to choose from. But that begs the question… which slot games do you choose and which ones give you the best chance of winning at slots.

So, are you trying to figure out how you might potentially win every time you play online slot games? Well, you will find lots of online slot guides that will promise you the earth. However, we can confirm that whatever they promise you – it’s not true. There aren’t any magic tricks or mystical solutions that can show you how you can win when playing slot games each and every time.

Every time you spin the reels, the outcome is completely random – and that means that there is actually no way that you can possibly predict the outcome.

However, wait… there are certain things you can do which will improve your chances of winning more money than you lose. This won’t necessarily mean that you win every time you spin, but if you research properly, you can end up with more in your bankroll than when you started. So, without further ado, let’s look at the best way to maximise your winning potential when you play slot games online…

Make Use of Bonus Codes and Promotions

Undoubtedly, one of the very best ways to make sure that you don’t end up spending more money than you win back is by making full use of the different bonus codes and promotions that are available.

There are all different types of bonus codes available out there, with the very best being the ones awarded to you simply for opening a new account – the welcome bonus. This type of bonus can even be a no-deposit bonus, which means that you won’t even need to spend any of your own money to receive the bonus money or free spins. However, there will be terms and conditions attached which you will need to look at before claiming.

Look at the Games’ RTP and Volatility

At all of the very best online casinos, you will find that there are slot games with all different volatility levels, all coming with different RTPs. These facts will help you to determine the risk versus reward of the games.

The game RTP determines how much the slot game would usually pay out to players compared to how much they pay into the game. 

However, different games distribute the winnings differently. Some pay out those winnings in large amounts but infrequently. Meanwhile, others will pay out smaller sums but more frequently – which keeps your account balance topped up but won’t really give you a great return overall. 

The first type is a high volatility game, whilst the second type is a low volatility game. You should consider the volatility alongside the RTP of the slot to find the game that offers a payout pattern which appeals to you. The higher the game’s RTP, the higher the payouts, but that doesn’t guarantee wins all the time!

Avoid Playing Progressive Jackpot Games

It may come as a surprise, but unless you are one in a million and hit the jackpot progressive jackpot games aren’t the best for getting wins in the longer term. More players play these slot games to compete for the big prize, which means that your chance of actually winning the big prize is minuscule. As well as this, the slot game doesn’t pay out standard wins as frequently, with other prizes being much less impressive.

So, there you have it – check out RTP, and volatility, pick the games you like and start enjoying more wins!