How to Protect Yourself Against Online Casino Scammers

Of all the things that people have tried to scam online casino players, one of the most common is a promise to share a secret method for making money off gambling. These scammers claim that their system exploits some kind of flaw in an online casino game or software, and they can prove it by showing how much money they have won using this method.

“What you see is not always the real deal. Some scammers may use other names or pictures, but they all require money in order for them to share their secret method. This is where the scam ensues, and people who have been taken advantage of end up lending these swindlers money when it would be better to curb their curiosity after you’ve found out that the actual method is a scam,” says Mr. Ong of WS88 singapore online casino site.

As you play at any online casino, there are some things that you should know and be aware of to prevent yourself from being an easy target for scammers.

Although not all of them are fake, so many people fall prey to these scams as they fail to see through the false promises that these scammers make.

Check the reputation of the casino and any company offering bonuses before you deposit your own money at an online casino.

Look for independent customer reviews, and remember that everyone has the right to post a review. Do your own research before you deposit any money at an online casino. Check their license, payment options, reputation and promotions.

Avoid paying for information about companies or sites. These might not be legitimate or recent. Also avoid playing via third-party websites altogether.

Don’t pay for information about the casino – this could be a scam.

There is no reason to purchase any kind of “inside information,” there are plenty of online tools and forums that will provide you with all the necessary data, including which casinos payout in a timely manner.

Avoid responding to emails and letters that ask for your personal information.

Never provide it to anyone, whether they claim to be a bank, online casino or representative of a law enforcement agency. Be very careful when you give out credit card details and other financial information – do not do this until you are completely sure that the singapore online casino site is legitimate and reliable.

Be vigilant and careful.

If you notice something that seems to be a scam, contact the support service of the website or report it to an independent consumer protection organization.

Understand that by depositing money at the online casino, you are entering into a contract with them.

This means that they will have certain obligations towards you. If the casino or website does not fulfil its obligations, you can always contact a consumer protection agency or court of law.

Be attentive to your intuition.

Your sixth sense will help you notice if something is wrong. Trust that feeling and act on it. If you think that an offer is too good to be true, it probably is!

Be careful when you communicate with strangers – not every deal and offer given over the internet is honest.

And never give out any more information than is absolutely necessary. Never agree to transfer money to a third party, even if they are claiming that they can connect you with an online casino or other company. A lot of companies and individuals use this method to get your personal information.

If you are using a mobile device, be careful with the applications you download.

Before installing any kind of program on your phone or tablet, check its reputation by searching for reviews in specialized forums or communities.

Keep all your passwords safe – never leave them lying around or share them with anyone.

Also, avoid using the same password in different places. If your account is compromised, it could affect all of your financial transactions – including online banking and shopping.

While many online casinos are considered reliable, some of them may try to deceive you or scam you out of your money.

The worst thing that can happen is if the casino tells you when and how much you will be paid, only to withhold it in an attempt to delay payment indefinitely. If you are planning to play with an online casino, make sure that they have a strong reputation and great reviews.

Remember that the law protects your right to privacy and personal data.

You can always refuse to share or give out information about yourself. Many companies ask for information when creating accounts – this is only done for identification purposes and is not required to proceed with the payment process. If you have any doubts about a company, simply refuse to provide them with information.

Be extra careful if an offer includes free cash or prizes – these may be scams created only to get your personal and financial information.

Read reviews of this particular product on forums, blogs and rating sites to learn more about this. It always pays to be prudent, especially when there’s money involved.


In the online gambling (especially in the casino) industry, scammers are everywhere. It is hard to avoid them because they can hide behind different aliases, and you normally won’t realize that you have been conned until it’s already too late.

As per Mr. Ong, the bottom line is that you should be ever-vigilant and know how to protect yourself from online casino scammers if you want to stay safe and out of trouble.