Greater Options for the Perfect Winning Bet for You Now


In short, it is strongly advised to play simple to increase your chances of winning more often.

What sports bets should you avoid as much as possible?

As we have seen previously, we must avoid combining too many games between them . By wanting to play big handsets, you will win much less often and in the long run, you will lose. In any case, we forbid you to try this kind of handsets but unfortunately this happens only very rarely if ever.

However, the type of 스포츠 사이트 bet that we really advise you to avoid as much as possible is “live”. Sports betting remains a game of chance and the outcome of the results is often very uncertain. Betting live is still adding more risks to the game and by experience, you lose more than you win.

If you want to try the “live”, it is imperative to follow the match carefully on TV or with a streaming link to put the best possible chances on your side. If you cannot follow the match, refrain from playing “live” because you will very rarely win. 

The adventure of online sports betting tempts you but you want to know which bookmaker has the best odds to make your decision? To date, there are many online betting sites and the choice can sometimes be complicated. This is why, in this article, we will detail you which sports betting site offers the best odds for:

  • Football
  • 1N2 bets
  • Over / Under bets
  • Handicap bets
  • Other sports
  • Live betting 

Note that a regular update is carried out by our entire team.

Which bookmaker has the best odds

Unibet: amazing football odds

Indeed, it is indeed the bookmaker who has the best odds for betting on football . If we combine all the different types of bets (1N2, Over / Under, Handicap, BTTS…) and whatever the competition, Unibet is the online betting site that offers the highest odds. It is thanks to this that this bookie attracts many punters.

1N2 bets: Betclic’s specialty

Yes, the favorite sports betting site of the French is not ranked n ° 1 for nothing. Not only is its 1st bet bonus refunded a benchmark, but its 1N2 odds are very often above average , especially for football. For certain matches, it is not surprising to see offering large odds differences compared to its competitors (see example below).

Betclic odds

We must also mention the bookmakers Winamax and Unibet who can sometimes compete with Betclic on the types of 1N2 bets.

For Over / Under, Unibet wins again

If you are a fan of Over / Under, it is again on the site that you can find the best odds (on average in football). The operator generally offers odds of up to 0.10 points more than its competitors.