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It is therefore no longer a value bet here. The bettor will therefore refrain from betting while the sport trader will eventually reach a favorable entry point during the match, because the more the match advances the higher the odds of more than 2.5 goals will increase.

  • Final result : 0-0 , with a missed penalty.
  • Watford Tottenham 0-0

You have seen how your evaluation criteria can transform the calculation of a value bet. Before undertaking a calculation, ask yourself the question: what are the most relevant evaluation criteria in calculating odds? What matters most?

What is the margin of bookmakers on a sports bet?

Bookmakers make money by offering undervalued odds, so that an odds does not, in principle, represent the true probability of an event. This difference between the real probability and the implied probability proposed by a rating guarantees a statistical advantage of the bookmaker over the bettor. It also represents the bookmaker’s margin. In case of 먹튀검증 sites you will need to be specific now.

Whether it’s Sport Trading or sports betting, one thing is certain: we all want to win big. But it is impossible to generate gains without rigorous management of your bankroll. This is a problem at the heart of money management. How to manage your bets? What is the best strategy to optimize your bankroll? Discover in this article, the different betting management strategies in sports betting. Learn to distinguish the ones that work, from the ones that will quickly lead you to bankrupt.

  • Why is it important to have good Money Management?
  • What is Money Management?

Managing your stakes and money management are at the heart of your Sport Trader or bettors activity. They aim to answer a basic problem: best protect your bankroll , while optimizing your earnings. Without a bankroll, you no longer have a working tool and it is then impossible to generate profits. Your money management requires you to set rules to be respected in the management of your capital.

The basic rules

Each time only bet part of your capital per trade. This amount, allocated by stake, generally fluctuates between 1 and 5% of your bankroll.

Why should you limit your bets with such a low percentage?

Because with 1% bet per trade, it will take 100 consecutive losing trades before losing all of your capital. The risk is thus spread as well as possible to remain on the market for as long as possible under the best conditions.


The downside is that your earnings also accumulate in a much more moderate way. This is a trading lesson to remember whatever your starting capital your bankroll is gradually building up .