Gambling Online: What Can You Choose?

Gambling Online: What Can You Choose?

Chat is the only direct way you can interact with your opponents at the online poker table. However, most players tend to use it the wrong way. Let’s see how it can be used to your advantage. Live poker and online poker, the big difference

The number one advantage of live poker is being able to interact with your opponents and try to extract some information on the strength of their hands. In online poker this is unfortunately not always possible, or at least not that simple.

The only means of interaction you have with your opponents is the chat, with which it is unfortunately impossible to be able to identify a large number of tells. You can also opt for the microgaming no deposit bonus in this case.

However, you can get information about the mood of the players at the table and sometimes even give a mistaken impression of yourself for your own benefit.

Getting information from chat

Most regulars use chat with little or nothing. These players tend to play at many tables and see chat as an unnecessary distraction. Therefore, if a player is very active in chat it is likely that they are a casual player. Many novice players tend to express their disappointment when they catch a blast or think someone has played poorly against them, so chat can be a great indicator of emotions. It is likely that a player after a blowout will start insulting their opponents in chat because they are on tilt and should be kept in mind in future hands.

It can also happen that a player starts commenting on a hand just played. In this case it is always good to pay attention to the chat and try to understand the thinking process of this player, in order to take advantage of it in the future.

The right way to use chat

Using chat to extract information about the state of mind of your opponents can seem quite natural. What is often underestimated is the advantage that can be obtained by giving wrong information about your own.

For example, if you just got a blowout, complaining about it in chat and appearing nervous even when you aren’t could bring some benefits in the hands to come.

For example, if you are lucky enough to receive a very strong hand immediately after losing a large pot, appearing on tilt could diminish your credibility and consequently ensure more action from your opponents. At a stranger’s table, you can also take advantage of looking like casual players. Often hinting at luck or deliberately mistaking some poker terms could be misleading about your abilities. Finally, you can use the chat to tease your opponents and push them to play worse, obviously within the limits of respect for others.

Things Not To Say In Chat

Generally you should avoid commenting on the hands you have just played in order not to give free information to your opponents: giving your thinking process to the table is never a great idea. If you have a tendency to get nervous when playing, don’t let it out in any way. Like it or not, you are more vulnerable in this state and it is preferable that your opponents do not know. Common sense should also encourage regulars not to insult casual players or those who show themselves technically inferior. A player who leaves the table because of insults is detrimental to poker.