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Whatever the sport concerned, if you bet on your favorite team then you will necessarily tend to bet on its victory without taking into account the information or statistics concerning this team. Who wants to see the team they support lose? You therefore understand that it is strongly recommended to bet on his favorite team. In the new casino sites 2020 you will have the best choices now.

Avoid betting on too extreme odds

As a precaution, it is recommended never to bet on odds lower than 1.2 (they are often odds given to widely favored teams) or higher than 30. Indeed, even if low odds will allow you to easily accumulate small sums, the accumulated earnings will remain small and the opposite effect could occur unexpectedly. Conversely, by betting on too high odds, the chances of winning are almost non-existent. Nothing prevents you from trying your luck by betting on odds equal to 5 or 6, but this must remain occasional. You can go for the new casino sites and there the deals are perfect now.

Register on different online betting sites

For the same sporting event, the odds can be significantly different from one bookmaker to another (up to 30% difference!). By being registered on several sites, you will be able to choose at the last moment the one which will offer the highest rating. We recommend that you register with the sites included in our ranking of the best new sites for casino 2020.

Use earning methods

To maximize your chances of winning in sports betting, do not hesitate to use sports betting methods that have proven to be effective. Indeed, these were developed by professionals in sports betting and will allow you to earn money more easily, by reducing the share of risks. To learn more, see our article on the main methods to win money in sports betting .

Only bet on disciplines you know

It is strongly advised not to bet on sports which you do not master enough. And even if you are well versed in a sporting discipline, bet only on matches whose teams you know. Thus, it is better to bet on a Ligue 1 match, whose teams you know generally, rather than on a handball match between Serbia and Romania, the result of which will probably be less predictable. 

There are many methods of making money from sports betting. We will present in this section those that have proven themselves. At the site that has new casinos you can be sure to win a great many options.

The sure bet

Surebet is a sports betting method based on the odds differences offered by several bookmakers for the same sporting event. In theory, the surebet is supposed to guarantee a profit without fail, hence the name “sure bet” (“safe bet”). To detect a surebet, you have to add the sum of the inverse of the highest odds of two different bookmakers for the same event. If the result is less than 1, we have a surebet.

Example: for a football match between Sweden and the Netherlands:

    Bookmaker A: 1.3 (Victory for Sweden) – 4.1 (Draw) – 4.3 (Victory for the Netherlands)

    Bookmaker B: 1.9 (Victory for Sweden) – 3 (Draw) – 4.7 (Victory for the Netherlands)

Calculation of the surebet: (1 / best winning odds Sweden) + (1 / best odds for the draw) + (1 / best winning odds Netherlands) = (1 / 1.9) + (1 / 4.1) + (1 / 4.7) = 0.526 + 0.244 + 0.213 = 0.983 <1 it’s a surebet.