Finer Betting Chances You Can Easily Opt for Now

Let’s go to the example of the positive Handicap bet (H + 1). Here are the odds for the “Positive handicap for 안전토토 Dundalk” bet on Unibet.

Dundalk positive handicap bet

In this case, we will secure our Handicap on Dundalk does not lose, refunded if Dundalk does not lose or loses 1. Let’s take a total bet (M) of € 100 that you would have played on Dundalk does not lose.

Let’s split this 100 € bet into 2 bets:

  • A 1st bet on Dundalk does not lose or loses by 1: (M / CP) = (100 / 1.22) = € 81.97 (rounded)
  • Here, CP equals Dundalk odds don’t lose or lose 1.
  • A second bet on Dundalk does not lose: (M-M1) = (100-81.97) = € 18.03 (rounded)

You will place a 1st bet of 81.97 € on Dundalk does not lose or loses 1 at odds of at 1.22. And you are going to place a second bet of € 18.03 on Dundalk does not lose at the odds of at 1.73.

Balance sheet (H + 1):

  • If Rosenborg wins by 2 goals or more, you lose your bet of 100 €
  • If Dundalk loses exactly 1 goal, you pocket: 81.97 * 1.22 = € 100. Your bet is therefore refunded to you.
  • If Dundalk does not lose, you pocket: 81.97 * 1.22 + 18.03 * 1.73 = € 131.19.
  • To obtain your new secure Handicap bet odds, simply divide this last sum by 100, that is: 131.19 / 100 = at 1.31 is the odds equivalent to this bet. 

Conclusion (H + 1)

In the event that you have placed a single bet of € 100 on Dundalk does not lose (Positive handicap) at the odds of at 1.73 and that Dundalk loses by 1 goal exactly, you would have lost 100 € whereas if you had opted for the method of securing your Handicap bet, you would have been reimbursed. By securing your bet, you get new, albeit lower, odds of at 1.31 in case Dundalk does not lose the match.

General conclusion

This method can be applied to all sports for which online betting sites offer Handicap betting. It is very useful and allows you to save your bet in many cases. Indeed, it is not uncommon to see a team lead 2-0 and take 1 goal at the very end of the match. Many bettors lose because of Handicap bets. With this method, you have the option to keep your bet if such a scenario occurs.

It is true that your rating will drop slightly, but it is better to make sure it is done rather than losing everything . Believe me, this is a technique that will allow you to make a difference in your long-term