E-sports Betting Basics for Beginners

E-sports is a form of competition involving video games—you might think of it as extreme gaming. There are various types of e-sports competitions, but the two most well known would be MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas) and Shooter Games (those in which you play first person shooters).     It’s a form of competition where professional players take on amateur ones, and there are some major competitions that are held worldwide.

There are a number of e-sports gaming events that draw in major attention from those who enjoy watching competitive matches. Some examples would be The International (Dota 2), League of Legends World Championship, Call of Duty World League Championship, and the Intel Extreme Masters.

Those who play at these major e-sports competitions can earn prizes that are worth a lot of money—some players might even say they were able to change their lives from winning in e-sports matches.


E-sports Betting


If you’re interested in e-sports betting, here are a few points to take heed:

Open an E-sports Betting Account


The first thing you need to do is open an e-sports betting site account. This typically requires you to enter some personal information and a username and password, as well as providing banking details for deposit and withdrawal purposes.

Make sure to read the terms of use and privacy statements carefully before proceeding so that you know what personal information the site has access to.

Deposit Funds So That You Can Place Bets

All e-sports betting sites work in a similar way – they accept either real world currency or digital money in order to allow players to bet. The advantage of using the former is that you will be able to withdraw your winnings as cash, but depending on where you live this might not be a feasible option.

Digital money is known as ‘e-sports skins’ which can be bought initially from the site you deposit with or via other traders. If you opt for digital money, it is advisable to know which one has the best value in terms of exchange into real world currency – always read up on these things before depositing.

All e-sports betting sites will offer a range of different markets for you to bet on. The most common are:

  • Team versus Team; in which you predict who will win the game, either by selecting a team or the specific score. For example “Team A 3 – 2 Team B”. You can also choose whether to bet on a team winning in regulation time, overtime or whether the game will go into extra time.

  • Team versus Map; betting on which teams will win each map, specifically where a match is best of three or five rounds.

  • Handicap Betting; this allows you to choose which team is likely to start with certain advantages such as Team A +1.5 rounds to win the match, or you can bet on which team will get more rounds in regulation time followed by overtime and extra time if needed.

  • Map Betting; betting on a specific map to be played rather than the game as a whole. This is usually possible when matches are best of three or five rounds.

  • Total Rounds Betting; betting on a specific outcome of the match in total rounds rather than which team will win each round as above. For example, if two teams play best of three rounds and you bet 10 rounds e-sports betting , this means Team A must win all three maps to be successful, whereas Team B must lose two or more maps.

In addition to these markets, you will also find a number of others, such as specific player performance such as frags per round or top kill/assist statistics and other rather niche wagers.

Work Out The Odds

Simply look at what the site offers and take your pick. Sites will offer varying odds and you can normally adjust the amount of risk you take on by adjusting the stake. You will also see a ‘draw no bet’ option, which means that even if your team loses the match, you will be given back your stake as long as they scored at least one point.

As well as choosing markets to bet on, you will need to find out which teams are most likely to win the match. It is always advisable to check out team player statistics before betting, and you can usually see these by going to a site’s match stats page for the relevant game.

If you do not feel like doing this much research on your own, you can visit various sites that offer predictions based on their own odds-making algorithms, which you can read about in their previews.

Checking Out Player Statistics and Predictions

When betting on e-sport matches, it is important to do some research into the teams and players taking part – don’t just pick a team to win based on their name alone. What you should be looking for is an indication of which team is most likely to win.

The easiest option here is simply to check out the odds and see what sort of value each team offers, but if you want a more detailed breakdown then take a look at some player statistics.

There are a number of sports betting singapore sites that provide these for free, but by far the best and most detailed are websites like and HLTV in-game (press F7 when playing, particularly useful if you’re not so great at the game). These allow you to see player performance statistics such as top kills/deaths or even specific frags per round.

Check out some predictions from other sites before betting – although you should always take these with a pinch of salt as they are not necessarily going to be right all the time! Nonetheless, it is always interesting to see what other sites are predicting and whether you agree with them.