Bring Your Options for Poker Wins Now

Knowing how to play poker is one thing, playing and winning poker well is another. A good player does not win every time, because there is always a bit of luck in poker, but he wins more regularly than other players in the long term. And to win regularly at poker, you must have a minimum of technical knowledge, good analytical skills, a certain mastery of your emotions, but also a certain perspective, to be able to anticipate the reactions of others. Suffice to say that all this cannot be acquired in a day. We therefore present below the main elements to know to make the best possible decisions in poker. With daftar judi online  you can have the smartest support now.

Evaluate your starting hand

At the start of a Texas Hold’em game, you receive two cards that only you know. You then have to analyse your starting cards, to assess whether it is worth playing this move. Because, of course, you shouldn’t play every move.

  • Pair of aces: this is the best possible starting hand. If it does not necessarily win, you leave with a good chance on your side.
  • Pairs of Kings or Checkers: just like the pairs of Aces, these two hands should systematically be played, and even raised.
  • Ace and King of the same suit: starting with such a hand, there is a good chance that we will then discover another Ace or a King within the community cards, or even other cards of the same suit, or even a fifth.
  • Pairs of Jacks or 10s: these hands should rather be played when you are facing only one player. Indeed, if several players are in the game, an Ace, a King or a Queen on the flop can offer a pair of higher value to another player.
  • Pairs of 9 or 8: these hands are not always worth playing, especially if the stakes are high or if more than two players are in the hand.
  • Ace and Queen of the same colour: a good hand to start.
  • Aces and King of different colours: it is not a bad hand, but it is the least interesting of our list. 

The starting hands listed above are theoretically the strongest, and you could therefore limit yourself to playing only those hands during your first games but you would get bored very quickly, because you would sometimes have to stay out of the table for long moments.

Here are some tips, if you want to be able to play more regularly: if your two starting cards do not form a pair, prefer those that are the same colour, the strongest and the closest together. You will thus maximize your chances of improving your hand on the flop (Ex: King and Queen of the same colour, Jack and 10 of the same colour, Ace and Jack of the same colour can also be interesting starting hands). As for the “weak” cards, they should only be played if they are very close and of the same suit. This type of hand can be interesting to play, because your opponents expect you rather on strong hands.