Betting At Its Best Level for You


To guarantee that you will win whatever the outcome of the match, you need to bet (this may vary depending on your site.

  • 100/2 = 50 € to place on the 1 (PSG victory)
  • 100/4 = 25 € to place on the N (draw)
  • 100/5 = € 20 to be placed on the 2nd (Man City victory) 

If we add up all these sums, you will have to bet € 95 in total. Imagine all the scenarios:

    If the PSG wins: € 50 bet x 2 odds = € 100

    If there is a draw: 25 € bet x 4 odds = 100 €

    If Man City wins: € 20 bet x 5 odds = € 100 

Second bet technique: the value bet

The 파워볼사이트 Value bet is another sports betting technique that allows you to win. It is different from the previous one. Explanations:

All the odds that can be found on online betting sites are established according to several criteria: statistics, sports and extra-sports information and other data that only bookmakers have in their possession. Odds are nothing more than mere probabilities of a result.

On your side, you can also assess the probability of the outcome of a match based on your own analysis, your experience of sports betting and your intuition (it always takes a little). If you ever believe that this or that result is more likely to pass than what bookmakers think, then you are in the presence of a value bet. In other words, if you find that the probability of a result occurring is undercut by a bookmaker, it’s a value bet.

On the other hand, this sports betting technique is only based on your opinion as a bettor. It is therefore completely subjective, unlike sure bet, and it is preferable to have a little experience before exploiting it to the maximum.

How to determine the presence of a value bet?

Knowing how to recognize a value bet is not complicated, you just need to estimate the probability that a team has to win in the match you wish to bet on. An example to better understand:

Match Lyon – Marseille: according to your own analysis, you estimate that Lyon has a 50% chance of winning. Then, you compare the rating of Lyon on several bookmakers and you find it at 2.30 on the Unibet site.

From now on, the following calculation must be made: odds multiplied by your probability, i.e. 2.30 x (50/100) = 1.15. If the result of this calculation is greater than 1, then you have just identified a value bet. In our example, it is indeed a value bet since 1.15> 1. In other words, you have determined that the Lyon win has a 50% chance of succeeding, the bookmaker’s odds should have been at 2.00 (100/50). Thus, you believe that the bookmaker in question underestimated the probability of victory for Lyon and take this opportunity to increase your hope of winning.