Basketball Bets and The Right Details for You Now

Basketball is one of the top 10 most popular 카지노가입쿠폰 sports in the world. 825 million fans watch their favorite teams every year. Many of them charge for bets and win. But over a long distance, they predictably go negative. How to learn to control the bank, play by strategy and not give in to emotions, today we will tell you in this article. We’ve collected tips for betting on basketball from experts in betting and share them below.

There are two versions of basketball rules: FIBA ​​and NBA. Basic general rules:

  • Games are played by two teams. Five people on the floor at the base, plus substitution players. The number of substitutions during the match is not limited.
  • The fight consists of four quarters and overtime (overtime), if a draw is fixed at the end of regular time.
  • The team scores points in different ways: three points for a long-range shot, two for a hit from the two-point zone, and one for accuracy when executing a free throw.
  • There is a significant difference between the rules in time – in the NBA they play quarters of 12 minutes, and according to FIBA ​​rules – 10. In America, the three-point arc is located farther than in Europe. In the NBA, free throws are made after any defensive violation when the team has scored 6 fouls, and by FIBA ​​rules 5.

Top basic nuances of betting strategy

In the NBA regular season, each team plays 82 matches. In Europe, the frequency of games is at the same level, considering the national leagues and international cups. Many games allow you to collect up-to-date statistics on the upcoming event.

Factors important for analysis:

  • Place in the standings. It is determined based on the ratio of the number of victories to defeats. The higher the team, the stronger.
  • The results of personal confrontations. If you look at the latest meetings between the teams and compare the results, you can understand what the teams are approximately capable of in a face-to-face battle.
  • Results of the last 5-10 matches with other teams. Gives an understanding of the form of commands.
  • Percentage of wins / losses on home / away site. Used to analyze teams’ odds in home or away conditions.

Additional Information:

Tournament motivation (chances of reaching the playoffs, possible “drain” of the game for high chances in the draft).

  • Problems with the roster (disqualifications, injuries).
  • Fatigue of collectives (load in the last period).
  • Unsportsmanlike component (deterioration / improvement of the financing of the franchise, rotation in the management of the club).
  • Individual goals of the leading players (contract year, race for personal prizes, feud with specific rivals).
  • Coaching “game books”.

Depending on the importance of the upcoming event, bookmakers offer wide lists and not so much, but you will definitely find the following bets in them:

  • on the outcome of the match (W1, W2).
  • for the total (TM, TB).
  • for individual totals of teams (ITB1, ITM2)
  • for handicaps (H1.2).

In the lines of the NBA, Euroleague and other big leagues, bookmakers open markets for half the match and every quarter separately.