Attending the goal of Value Bet

Finding value for the right bet is really the goal that every bettor should have. But you might be wondering what exactly is a value?

A value (or valuebet) is a bet for which the odds offered by the bookmaker seem too high to you. The odds are higher than what the odds you would have estimated. In sports betting, we must not lose sight of the fact that the odds reflect a probability. Clearly, + the bet has a chance to pass and + the odds are low.

Odds of 1.01 therefore have a very, very high probability of passing, which is not the case for odds of 10. If you find odds of 2 for a bet, then you would have estimated it at 1, 8 is therefore a valuebet. In 더킹카지노 you can discover the best offers for the same.

Bet on single bets

Finding value is the best way to make money in sports betting. Since in this case, you profit from the small errors, from the approximations made by the bookmakers.

  • Only, don’t kid yourself, bookmakers make few mistakes in setting the odds. They have at their disposal powerful statistical tools and quotes in order to set the odds as accurately as possible.
  • And of course the odds are readjusted according to the bets of the bettors, which makes it rare to be able to find valuebets.
  • For you as a bettor, there is also the risk of making a mistake, and of finding valuebets where there are none. Once again, it is by a rigorous analysis of the meeting that you will be able to find some.

Make simple bets

Yes, you read that right, to win in sports betting you have to play simple bets. That is to say play single bets and especially no combined or play in an exceptional way. Why do you have to play single bets? Because only by playing single bets can you achieve a good success rate. Of course, playing single bets is not enough, you must also apply the advice we have seen previously.

  • You will have to continue to analyze your meetings in order to be able to find values. You just have to play single matches and not combined, as the vast majority of players do.
  • Why is it wrong to bet on handsets? It’s simple, when you play a handset you actually have very little chance. Worse the more matches you add and the chances of winning your bet.
  • It’s a simple matter of probability, to multiply the matches is to divide the probabilities of winning.

And bookmakers are smart, since by offering you bonuses on the handsets they encourage you to always add more matches. And yes, they are counting on your desire to win a lot of money with a small bet.


And that’s why almost all bettors play handsets, we all have dreams of easy money. Unfortunately betting like this is like playing a game of chance, and that is not how you can be a winner in sports betting.