Agen Slot Online Machine: Secret Agen Slot

When you more interested in the world of spies and bonds then the new release agen slot online would make you feel more interested. The parlay is bound to appeal too many of idn live game gamblers. When you also like randomly awarded multipliers, jackpots in the base game, and expanding the wilds, too, then you are definitely with a winner with this 5 by 3 reel layout and 20 pay line games as well.

Get details through spy

Perhaps it is not the most intriguing design ever to hit the world of live online gambling but you will also get all the things spy when it is regarding secret Agent. Starting from cocktails to copters, all symbols include the things pulled straight from the movies and this is even before the players begin to play. The base game multiplier is one of the main and different attractions in this agen slot online game but, it is also safe to say, that the fun doesn’t stop there only.

What do players get during the game?

Players get background music and ongoing sound effects in this game, but why it is needed during the game? Both are controllable directly from the control panel and could be silenced if you demand quiet always while players are playing and winning combinations are accompanied by the sound of bullets and the gunshots hitting the target. There are no particular playing card symbols in this game, every icon of this idn live game represents something like a secret agent would need and players see snorkel gear, sports cars, dynamite, and guns.

Secret agents

When the wildlands are on the reels, it not only expands but also the players get accompanying audio to make a perfect match. The world full of suspense is much fascinating to many and, though the theme is a good one. Secret agents do not need to have the flair that is usually related to the agen slot online with the game designs. Though it provides more scopes to increase the coin credits and, if the player would want to play for as little as 0.20 per spin, then it is not going to grab into player’s balance too quickly.

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Get bonus features

Along with a 95% RTP and a medium-range variation secret agent comes very much down to the middle of the road. When it comes to odd, if you would prefer to add a little more spice to your idn live game even without losing the gameplay, then abandoned park that is also by Parlay is to do just like that. With this game, players would not only get the same base game and bonus features but at the same time, the variation remains on medium too.


The theme of the Agen slot online video slot is a very strong one, while the design of the game is not as strong as many which are released from the Parlay online slot stable. Most of the bonuses and features which have made many of their online slots popular with a broad range of online gamblers.

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