A card game that you must know as a beginner 

Are you new to card games? Then you need know about poker. It is one of the most popular card games around the world. You can win huge prices by gambling in this game. It is a game that doesn’t only depends on the luck but it also demands a good use of brain. This is why it is so popular throughout the world.  The rounds in this game can extend for a long period. 

Brief description

Here is a brief explanation of it. The game starts with the forced bet that each player needs to keep on the pot. Forced bet is a fixed amount that each player has to pay before starting of each round. The objective of this game is to win the money by winning the pot. You need to have the best hand of cards on your side. You can fold card anytime you want. Generally this game is played between 8 people but there can be any number of people from 2 to 10 can take part in it. Also in general it is a seven card game. As there are now several poker online casinos available on the internet, there are several variants of it are available. The next paragraph tells about some popular one among them.

Popular variants

Texas hold’em is the most popular variant of the poker. In this each player gets two private cards and five community card. The objective is to make the best five cards poker hand to capture the pot with all the seven cards that he has. Another popular variant of this card game is Omaha Hi/lo or Omaha 8. A player can make highest hand in this game by using two hole cards out of four he got and three from the board. A player needs to make either a high hand or low hand to win the pot.

Play online

If you are a poker lover and you are busy enough that you do not get time to visit the casino then now you can play the game online. There are many online casinos and safe servers that allow you to play the game from the comfort your home. You can also play anytime and any kind of poker you like. It si better to go through the terms and conditions if the casino before playing the game as it will help you to jave a better understanding of the deposits and withdrawals.